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The Course

Makray Memorial Golf Club is a premier 18-hole championship caliber course in Illinois with four sets of tees, strategic bunkers, bent grass tees, fairways and greens, blue grass roughs and spectacular views. Additionally there is a state of the art practice facility which includes 1 1/2 acres of bent grass teeing ground, two practice putting greens, and a short game area.
Black Tee: 436 Gold Tee: 418 Silver Tee: 387 Bronze Tee: 280

Hole One

The first hole starts from a spectacular elevated teeing area. The tee shot must fit between two large trees to an uphill, wide fairway. The second shot uphill to a large double-green with a greenside bunker to the right. Playing this par 4 into the prevailing wind and uphill makes it a great starting hole.

Hole 1 Green Hole 1 Yardages
Black Tee: 425 Gold Tee: 407 Silver Tee: 395 Bronze Tee: 350

Hole Two

The second hole is a downhill par 4 sweeping dogleg to the left through a grove of mature oak trees. A small creek and a bunker to the right guard the green. Playing downhill and into the prevailing wind is a trade-off.

Hole 2 Green Hole 2 Yardages
Black Tee: 342 Gold Tee: 347 Silver Tee: 333 Bronze Tee: 274

Hole Three

A Par 4 is located at the west boundary of the course. Tee shots are from a high bank over a wetland area that extends the entire length of the hole. The approach shot is over a creek to a small green tucked into oak trees with bunkers right and left. A short hole, but accuracy is needed.

Hole 3 Green Hole 3 Yardages
Black Tee: 175 Gold Tee: 155 Silver Tee: 135 Bronze Tee: 128

Hole Four

The Par 3 fourth can be considered a signature hole because of its view. It plays downhill to a narrow lengthy green. A pond parallels the green to the right and oak trees frame the left.

Hole 4 Green Hole 4 Yardages
Black Tee: 452 Gold Tee: 433 Silver Tee: 411 Bronze Tee: 362

Hole Five

The fifth is the longest par 4 on the front side, starting with a blind tee shot that goes downhill and doglegs to the right. Second shots are to a large elevated green with a bunker to the left and a very steep and deep bunker to the right.

Hole 5 Green Hole 5 Yardages
Black Tee: 556 Gold Tee: 540 Silver Tee: 524 Bronze Tee: 438

Hole Six

The first par 5 is the sixth hole. It curves slightly to the left and uphill from the tee to a wide driving area. The lay up shot is narrow with a series of three small fairway bunkers carved into berms left and out of bounds right. The approach shot is to a small-elevated green with a large bent grass collection area to the left.

Hole 6 Green Hole 6 Yardages
Black Tee: 201 Gold Tee: 190 Silver Tee: 178 Bronze Tee: 112

Hole Seven

The seventh hole is a par 3. It features a large series of berms on the right with a unique Scottish style sod faced bunker cut into the largest berm at the side of the green. This long green also has a deep grass depression and bunker to the left.

Hole 7 Green Hole 7 Yardages
Black Tee: 302 Gold Tee: 298 Silver Tee: 274 Bronze Tee: 249

Hole Eight

Hole Eight is a very short downhill par 4 that long drivers might want to test their length, but accuracy is a must. Long native grasses, a bunker and water guard the green.

Hole 8 Green Hole 8 Yardages
Black Tee: 430 Gold Tee: 414 Silver Tee: 388 Bronze Tee: 297

Hole Nine

The par 4 ninth hole going back into the wind has the tee surrounded by water and wetlands giving it a peninsula affect. The beautiful fourteen foot waterfall can be viewed from the tee. Now players are faced with a long hole with water sometimes in play to the left of the fairway to a very high green with steep bunkers on each side.

Hole 9 Green Hole 9 Yardages
Black Tee: 468 Gold Tee: 431 Silver Tee: 480 Bronze Tee: 379

Hole Ten

Starting the back nine is the long par 4 tenth hole. The tee shot must carry a large wetland to a spacious fairway. The approach shot is uphill to a very large double green, shared by the first green and guarded by a large bunker to the left.

Hole 10 Green Hole 10 Yardages
Black Tee: 471 Gold Tee: 450 Silver Tee: 429 Bronze Tee: 365

Hole Eleven

The eleventh hole is the toughest on the course. A downhill tee shot must hit the fairway of this slight dogleg to the right; otherwise the water hazards will quickly come into play. The hole offers a very large green with quite a bit of slope that will influence ones putting.

Hole 11 Green Hole 11 Yardages
Black Tee: 314 Gold Tee: 304 Silver Tee: 294 Bronze Tee: 284

Hole Twelve

The newly redesigned twelfth hole is sporty and demands an accurate tee shot. The fairway now angled to the left is narrow with many rolls and dips. In addition to the right side being bordered by out of bounds three large bunkers are strategically located in the tee shot landing area. The left side is framed with a large berm and a 70 yard shelf bunker that parallels the lateral water hazard. The green is large and features a slight pitch from back to front with many subtle rolls. It also offers a rather large opening to receive approach shots and is guarded by bunkers on the left and right sides.

Hole 12 Green Hole 12 Yardages
Black Tee: 189 Gold Tee: 173 Silver Tee: 158 Bronze Tee: 101

Hole Thirteen

Hole Thirteen is a mid-length par 3. The tee shot must carry over a large ravine to a small green, tucked into a grove of trees, between two small pot bunkers. All shots hit short will be faced with an extremely uphill pitch shot.

Hole 13 Green Hole 13 Yardages
Black Tee: 314 Gold Tee: 304 Silver Tee: 294 Bronze Tee: 284

Hole Fourteen

The fourteenth hole is a par 4 short in length. Driving it straight is necessary because it is uphill and narrow. The second shot is extremely testy caused by the highly elevated green which is very small and difficult to see. Proper club selection is a must.

Hole 14 Green Hole 14 Yardages
Black Tee: 562 Gold Tee: 552 Silver Tee: 533 Bronze Tee: 522

Hole Fifteen

The par 5 fifteenth hole is a long downhill par 5. The tee shot must avoid the out of bounds left; also the high bank on the right makes the depressed fairway look even narrower. The pond challenges the lay-up shot to the right and out of bounds to the left. Pinpoint accuracy of the third shot is needed to the slightly uphill green with a bunker right and two on the left.

Hole 15 Green Hole 15 Yardages
Black Tee: 426 Gold Tee: 389 Silver Tee: 351 Bronze Tee: 322

Hole Sixteen

Hole Sixteen, a par 4, starts by hitting the tee shot over a wetland with large berms on the left. Additionally, this shot needs to be kept left because the fairway slopes to the right towards the wetland. Berms frame both sides of the fairway as you approach the elevated green. Don’t be long on the second; danger looms over the green.

Hole 16 Green Hole 16 Yardages
Black Tee: 244 Gold Tee: 215 Silver Tee: 197 Bronze Tee: 141

Hole Seventeen

The longest par 3 is the seventeenth, which slopes slightly downhill. The green is one of the largest and has a bunker to the right and a very deep bunker left. Great bunker play is needed if in the left one. The large green also features many mild slopes.

Hole 17 Green Hole 17 Yardages
Black Tee: 555 Gold Tee: 520 Silver Tee: 498 Bronze Tee: 392

Hole Eighteen

The eighteenth hole is a long par 5 through a canyon of berms to a narrow fairway. The second shot needs to be kept to the left to avoid the pond on the right. After this shot don’t forget to take a glimpse at the beautiful stucco pump house with waterwheel. The final approach shot needs to be very accurate. The green is surrounded by high berms with a pot bunker left and a very deep and steep bunker to the right.

Hole 18 Green Hole 18 Yardages

Course photos by Michael Medland